External seminar & conference

Conducting surveys among migrants: feedbacks from the MIDDAS project

Jean-Noël Senne was invited at the seminar “Premiers Pas” at the University of Bordeaux on March 28th, 2019. He presented feedbacks and a review of findings from the MIDDAS project. This project, funded through the ANR (2009-2012), aimed at collecting multi-sited and matched data among both Senegalese migrants and their origin families back home to investigate the impact of migration on development in the home country.  

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De Washington à Québec

José De Sousa a présenté Market Integration and Convergence in Consumption Patterns, co-écrit avec Eve Coslon-Sihra et Thierry Mayer à la Federal Reserve Bank of Washington le mercredi 20 mars 2019 et à l’Université de Laval Québec le vendredi 22 mars.

Abstract : This paper explores the evolution of consumption patterns across French departements in a context of deep market integration. Using a structural demand system (…)

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18th International Workshop on Spatial Econometrics and Statistics

Florence Puech and Raja Chakir organize the next 18th International Workshop on Spatial Econometrics and Statistics in Paris on May 23-24th, 2019. The aim of this international workshop is to promote and develop scientific exchanges between economists, econometricians, statisticians, geographers, ecologists, agronomists and mathematicians on spatial econometrics and statistics and their applications in several (…)

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