External seminar & conference

Tim Schittekatte (Paris-Sud- FSR-EUI) awarded by AEE

In the context of the FAEE Student Workshop hold in Paris, the French Association for Energy Economics awarded the Paris-Sud – FSR young researcher, Tim Schittekatte, on his paper “Future-proof tariff design: recovering sunk grid costs in a world where consumers are pushing back” as the second best research paper. Tim Schittekatte is part of the FSR research team in electricity regulation and his main research interests are (…)

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EN FINIR AVEC LES GHETTOS URBAINS ? Retour sur l’expérience des zones franches urbaines

Le 18 décembre 2017, en collaboration avec les éditions Rue d’Ulm et le magazine Alternatives Économiques, aura lieu la présentation du nouvel opuscule du CEPREMAP: EN FINIR AVEC LES GHETTOS URBAINS ? Retour sur l’expérience des zones franches urbaines, par Miren LAFOURCADE (PSE-Univ.Paris Sud) et Florian MAYNERIS (ESG-UQAM Montréal), discutante Rozenn DESPLATZ (France Stratégie).

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Market Integration and Convergence in Consumption Patterns

José de SOUSA presented his paper “Market Integration and Convergence in Consumption Patterns” co-authored with Eve Sihra and Thiery Mayer at DEGITT XXII Septembre 8th and at the Seminar of Norwegian Business School November 8th.

Abstract: Our research question: Are consumer tastes affected by market integration? This research project aims at understanding whether trade integration makes consumption tastes converge. We find that France is characterized by strong (…)

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Fatima Shuwaikh at the RENT XXXI conference.

Fatima Shuwaikh attended at the RENT XXXI conference (Research on Entrepreneurship and Small Business) which has been held in Lund (Sweden) the November 15-17. The main theme of the conference was “Relevance in Entrepreneurship Research“. She presented her paper: Knowledge Transfer, strategic Fit, Valuation: The Corporate Venture Capital.


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between corporate venture capital investment and the level of (…)

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