When organizational time shapes generational stereotypes

Mélia Djabi presented her paper “When organizational time shapes generational stereotypes. An in-depth qualitative case study of organizational generations”, co-authored with Laura Cottard and Sakura Shimada at EGOS.

Abstract: Based on an in-depth qualitative case study of a French railway company, the paper shows that the generational categories contrasting the ‘young’ and the ‘old’ reflect, above all, the recent transformations of the profession of train driver. Generational stereotypes highlight a struggle for the legitimate (…)

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Organizational socialization tactics

Mélia Djabi  attended the AOM conference and presented her paper “Organizational socialization tactics: insights from a cross-national perspective”, co-authored with Kerstin Kuyken (UQAM) and Sakura Shimada (Lirsa, Cnam).

Abstract: This paper aims to identify the influence of the national context on organisational tactics and practices that are favored by organizations in order to socialize new recruits. A comparison of Canadian, German and Japanese institutional contexts brings to light national contingency factors that (…)

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Prix Top Cas entrepreneuriat 2017

  Nathalie Claret a obtenu le prix Top Cas entrepreneuriat 2017. Ce prix a décerné par la CCMP pour le cas “L’Orangerie de Paris : une start-up pressée ?” L’énoncé étudiant est présenté sous forme de synopsis de série TV et permet aux étudiants d’étudier : “saison 1”, le parcours de la création d’entreprise ; “saison 2”, la recherche de (…)

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Food retailers make me happy

Valérie Nicolas-Hémar attended the Third International Colloquium on Kids Retailing in Bordeaux, on 15th– 16th June 2017. She presented her paper “ ‘Food retailers make me happy’ What wellbeing means to children in food context”, written in collaboration with Pascale Ezan.

Abstract: Drawing on the FWB paradigm and (…)

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Valérie Nicolas-Hémar at the AFM

Valérie Nicolas-Hémar presented the two following papers at the 33rd Congress of the French Marketing Association (AFM), Tours, May 16-19.

Leader and opinion leader in children’s groups: which relationships? Co-written with Pascale Ezan and Mathilde Gollety.

Abstract: This research aims to identify in what extent leaders in children’s groups are also opinion leaders in various consumption situations. In particular, it (…)

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Are front-of-pack labels legitimate?

Lydiane Nabec presented the paper co-written with Philippe Mérigot, entitled: “Are front-of-pack labels legitimate? The explicative role of label format according to consumers’ nutrition expertise” at the 33rd Congress of the French Marketing Association (AFM), Tours, May 16-19.

Abstract: To help changing nutritional practices of consumers and to improve their collective and individual well-being, a French law of 2016 organizes the (…)

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Sarah Serval : 2ème Prix de thèse 2016 de l’ANDESE

Félicitations à Sarah Serval, post-doctorante au RITM, qui a reçu le 2ème Prix Ex Aequo du Prix de thèse 2016 de l’ANDESE. L’association ANDESE regroupe des universitaires et des doctorants, mais aussi un grand nombre de personnalités et de responsables du monde de l’Industrie, de la Finance, de la Banque, de l’Assurance et de (…)

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Brands as cultural resources in children’s peer culture

Valérie Nicolas-Hemar, in collaboration with Angélique Rodhain, has published the article entitled: “Brands as cultural resources in children’s peer culture” in Consumption Markets & Culture, 2017, vol. 20 (3), 193-214. Abstract: This article examines how children collectively appropriate brands as cultural resources. From the New Childhood Studies perspective, an ethnographic study was conducted in schools to investigate the engagement (…)

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