Expert perceptions of the EU targets for emissions, renewables, and effciency

Congratulations to Yannick Perez who published his paper “Achievable or unbelievable ? Expert perceptions of the European Union targets for emissions, renewables, and efficiency“, co-authored with Khanam T., Rahman A., Mola-Yudego B., Pelkonen P., and Pykäläinen Energy Research & Social Science 34 (2017) 144-153.

Abstract : In 2007, the European Union (EU) set goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, called H2020 targets, by 2020. Following the adoption and implementation of policies related (…)

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The RITM on RFI!

Jean-Noël Senne was one of the guests of the radio show « 7 milliards de voisins » on Radio France Internationale (RFI) this Tuesday, September 5 th. He was invited to discuss the root causes of migration in Sub-Saharan Africa and the role family and networks play in the migration decision, with the (…)

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Appel à contribution pour un Numéro spécial de la Revue Économique

Un appel à contribution sur le thème : « La structuration de l’espace économique : quels apports d’une approche pluridisciplinaire ? » est ouvert !

Ce numéro spécial de la Revue économique, coordonné par Julie Le Gallo et Florence Puech, a pour objectif de réunir des avancées récentes fondées sur une vision pluridisciplinaire d’une meilleure prise en compte de l’espace dans l’analyse des systèmes sociaux. Il rassemblera des contributions (…)

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Barriers to entry in frequency-regulation services markets

Congratulations to Yannick Perez who published his paper “Barriers to entry in frequency-regulation services markets: Review of the status quo and options for improvements”, in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 

Abstract : As the share of intermittent renewable energy sources increases, it will be necessary to increase the volume of frequency-regulation reserves. New sources of reserves can be found in distributed energy resources: controllable loads, Electric Vehicles (EVs), distributed generation units. However, (…)

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Svetlana Abramova (U. of Innsbruck) at the Digital Economics seminar

The first presentation of the Digital Economics seminar series, joint with Telecom ParisTech, will take place on Thursday September 7th. Svetlana Abramova (University of Innsbruck) will present “Mixing coins of different quality: a game-theoretic approach”

Where? At Telecom ParisTech, 46 Rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, from 13.30 to 14.30 in B603.

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Donor National Interests or Recipient Needs?

Felipe Starosta de Waldemar attended the 4th DIAL Conference on Development Economics held at the University of Paris-Dauphine, on June 29 and 30th 2017.  He presented “Donor National Interests or Recipient Needs? Evidence from EU Multinational Tender Procedures on Foreign Aid”.

Abstract:  Official development assistance provided bilaterally by donor countries usually combines  altruistic and self-interest motives. This paper explores if these traditional determinants of  bilateral foreign aid also (…)

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Alfonso Irarrazabal ( BI Norwegian Business School) is visting the RITM.

Alfonso Irarrazabal ( BI Norwegian Business School) is visting the RITM from 19 April to 21 April. He is a specialist of International Trade, Growth and Innovation.

For this week’s Economics Lunch Seminar, Alfonso Irarrazabal will be presenting “R&D heterogeneity and its implications for growth” (with Sigurd Mølster Galaasen). The Economics Lunch Seminar will be on Thursday , april 20, in room 103, 12-1pm.

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Financing and governance of innovative companies

La conférence « Financing and Governance of Innovative Companies » s’est déroulée comme prévu le 30 mars 2017 à l’IAE de Dijon. Elle était co-organisée par le RITM et le CREGO. Au total, une dizaine d’articles de recherche (en anglais ou en français) ont été présentés. Un numéro spécial de la revue de l’entrepreneuriat (rang 2 FNEGE) fera suite à cette conférence. Les rédacteurs invités étaient Philippe DESBRIERES et

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